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Worried honeymoon will be boring?

My fiancé and I decided on a wedding date, in two months… We’re not having a regular wedding because of covid, but we do want to go on a trip. I chose Panama City Beach. We’re in our early 20s so money is tight and my fiancé has never been on a real vacation. I’m worried because I feel like that’s more of a family destination and that we’ll just sit in the sand the entire time regretting our location choice. I found a condo that would run us right around 2k, and I’m going to pick up extra shifts so we can do extra things. Is there any other places we should look into before booking everything? Do you think it’d end up being too boring? I don’t want to spend more than $3,500-$4,000 on the entire trip. I really wanted to go to Cancun, but my mom is helping us pay for it and she refuses to help if I leave the country.

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