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Budapest VS. Berlin or both?

FH and I are planning our wedding for November 2018. The honeymoon has been topic of conversation for ever since we got engaged almost a year ago.

We both love to travel and are very adventurous, love culture and history. All of our travelling together has been inside the UK. This is the first time FH will have ever been abroad (I had a lot of family holidays when I was a kidteenager so I kind of know what to expect in other parts of Europe in general).

I want to make sure it's as amazing as it can be for both of us. Berlin has always been on our quite long list of places to go. We're both history lovers,both like to walk wherever we can and since it's November it seems a great time for the markets starting up.

However, we discovered how amazing Budapest seems to be. Again the culture attracts us, we love the feel of it being described as a "gritty city". Ruin bars definitely taken a high spot on the bucket list. Also the Turkish baths as we both love a good spa to relax and would probably buy tickets for a massage.

Now we've become stuck between the two. We weren't planning on really spending more than a week away. Probably 9 days absolute max if we did both cities to account for travel time and organising ourselves so not to feel rushed. Probably spend more time in berlin than Budapest.

Also don't have a massive budget but from research a flight between two destinations can be extremely cheap and only take an hour an a half.

Does this seem doable? We want to see the basic major landmarks in both cities I.e. Check point charlie, reichstag, brandenburg gate, a few mueseums, wander the markets etc. And Budapest would be chain bridge, baths, gellert Hill, castle district, andrassy avenue etc.

What would you expect a budget for this kind of trip to be? We had budgets for each seperatlwy on a shorter timescale but only now started researching this. As travellers we personally like to book inexpensive accommodation on a self catering basis as we tend to only use it sleep in and spend most days seeing things so tend to grab ourselves something to eat from delis, market stalls or supermarkets.

Tldr; love Budapest and berlin as honeymoon destinations and now need to choose or workout a low budget to do both. Help? Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give!

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