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Honeymoon in Mexico in October


So me and future wife will be honeymooning in Mexico in about a month. I have a few questions as I’ve never been to Mexico or even traveled outside the U.S.

We have picked to stay at UNICO 20°87° Hotel in Riviera Maya (Solidaridad Mexico) has anyone stayed at Unico? How was your experience, thoughts? etc. we did try to do quite a bit of research and from what we can tell this seems to be a nice all inclusive resort.

I believe most things can be set up through our hotel but we want to see some temples/pyramids… will these be close by? Experience with this? Also, this is random but I want to see monkeys while we are down there, any places to see and maybe play with them? Anything like that?

Also, any recommendations on things we could do? Traveling in Mexico does make us nervous so anything we can do close by our hotel or anything that can be done through our hotel would make us feel safe.

One more questions, I am not vaccinated for COVID. Will this be a problem traveling into and from Mexico? I haven’t really checked.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!

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